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What happens after a Complete Estimate Booking?

If you want a complete estimate booking then you must go through our Roof Assessment. If you are feeling that something is wrong up on your roof. Have us come and assess your rooftop by a Complete Estimate Booking. Try not to pay extra costs; postponing a basic repair can cost you significantly more when changeless harm has been finished. We have many years of experience added to our repertoire with regards to rooftop investigations. Our Certified Residential Inspectors will investigate your rooftop with a specialist eye and furnish you with the best guidance.

Roof Repair and Flat Roof Repair and maintenance are a sound routine of keeping your home safe and your rooftop interest in top conditions. Postponing basic rooftop administration or leaving a harmed shingle can in the long run reason more harm to the house.

Inspection/Estimate Vs Assessment
For building owners on a budget For building owners who are ready to start the work
We ask a few questions to find out what shingle or materials you want to use Our 32-question “Needs Analysis Questionnaire” helps us understand past and present roofing problems
A visual inspection and measurements made from ground level Aerial measurement technology roof is being measured to 99% accuracy
Client does not have to be at the on-site meeting/inspection The client must be present at the on-site meeting/inspection
no Interior visual ceiling inspection
no Attic inspection, which includes:
no 1) Insulation calculation
no 2) NFA calculation for ventilation, to determine intake and exhaust requirements
no 3) Bathroom exhaust hook-up and requirements
no 4) Roof deck inspection
no Design and scope of work
no Diagram schematic for flat roofs only (slope diagram)
Calculate estimate based on replacing existing materials Manufacturers’ specifications to achieve the scope of work
no Full explanation of manufacturer warranties, how they work and options available
Delivered in mailbox or by email Meeting in person to review documentation
Total time required: 15 to 30 Minutes Total time required: 3 to 4 hours
(NOTE: Roof consultants and engineers charge between $500 and $2500 for this type of assessment)
FREE $150.00
Optional Thermal Imaging and Core Testing in the second stage: extra charge
Optional Mould and asbestos Testing: extra charge

Flat Roofers Execute a Thorough Roof Assessment

Roof Assessment is a detailed investigation of your full roofing system. Our Flat Roofers or roofing contractors will meet you at the site and have a discussion of your plans. Then they will go through the complications and let you know the final work method. Here you will get answers to all your questions on your roof repair.

Integrity Roofers cares for their customers because we believe once we start working with you, we become family. Various top roof consultants charge amongst $500 and $2500 for a rooftop evaluation. Integrity Roofers charges $150 for a 3-4 hour rooftop evaluation. Additionally, on the off chance that you continue with our suggestions, you will get a discount of half of the cost of the rooftop evaluation.

Our 3 hour rooftop evaluation process includes the accompanying:

    • Inside visual roof review.
    • Storage room or Attic investigation. It incorporates: (Protection count, NFA count for ventilation with a specific end goal to decide admission and fumes necessities, Restroom depletes connect check and check for different prerequisites, Investigation of rooftop deck.
    • Topical view drawing of the rooftop scape.)
    • Plan and extent of work.
    • Producers’ determinations to accomplish the extent of work.
    • Giving a full clarification of producer guarantees, how they work and what are the choices accessible.
    • Meeting face to face to survey documentation.

    (We likewise lead discretionary core testing (to point out the real flaws on your roof), or testing for an extra charge.)

    You can reach us by telephone at 647.998.1187 or you can round out the shape beneath. Integrity Roofers will get in touch with you in 48 hours!

Please tell us what type of solution you are inquiring about:

New Roofing Solution/ServiceInsulation/Ventilation Products/SolutionSoffit Fascia Eaves/Siding SystemRepairs to ExistingInspection/ReportRoof Top Snow RemovalThis is an emergency, my roof is leaking

What Stage Are You At Now?

Decision: I am looking to get the work done right awayPlanning: I'm preparing to have the work complete in 60-90 daysBudget: Gathering information to do the work in 6 months to a year