Commercial Flat Roof Repair Services in Toronto

Integrity Roofers provide roofing services to industrial and commercial buildings in and around Toronto for over 15 years. We specialize in two types of flat roofing systems: Built up Roofing Systems and Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems. Our reputation of quality, integrity, excellent customer service and hard work has been prospering in the commercial marketplace. Integrity Roofers is a certified CertainTeed ShingleMaster and we put our expertise to work for you and exceed your expectations.

We have completed a wide range of commercial roofing projects like churches, hotels, restaurants, townhouse, community centers and condo complexes. We know what materials and technologies would work best for you and whether you need a replacement or a repair of your roof.

With us you need not think about the Commercial Flat Roof Repair Costs as our expert services are affordable. Just visit us and take advantage of our payment options in order to satisfy your financial comfort.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair

The Most Common Commercial Flat Roof Repair Problems

The best part about the flat roof is that it is really easy to build. But at the same time it needs maintenance and inspection on a daily basis. That would aware you if your roof needs any immediate repair or replacement. Below there are a few common problems encountered by a commercial flat roof.

Leaks and Moisture – Lingering moisture and leaks would probably be the most common problems of the flat roof. But, there’s nothing to get scared of as you can take care of the leaks if you stay ahead of it. Since we are talking about the flat roofs, the water collected due to leaks will seep into the roof itself and cause problems such as the growth of mold and fungi. Regular inspection and maintenance will prevent the occurrence of such roofing issues.

Crack in Roof – Flat Roofs are very useful and it also has to withstand a lot of pressure as they’re flat not slanted. If the pressure or stress becomes excessive and crosses the threshold level, it creates a crack in your roof. When that happens, please contact your professional roofer immediately. As far as the crack is concerned, it is the cue for you to consider repairing or replacement of your roof.

Buckle in the Membrane – Most of the asphalt flat roofs are made up of a membrane soaked in asphalt and laid across the top of the building to construct the roof. But, the membranes on a flat roof are one piece. So, with the passage of time, every slightest movement can cause buckling in the asphalt membrane. This is not at all a good signal. So, you must consider a repair or replacement as soon as possible.

Flashing – Asphalt Flat Roofs also tend to increase in size and contract with changing weather and temperatures. If this expansion and contraction continues, it causes the flashing to pull away from the corners and edges of your roof. It also leads to moisture and leaks that can get trapped in your roof. If you don’t take care of the leaks and let it become significant, then it deteriorates your flashings disrupting the condition of your roof.

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What Kind of Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance Is Required?

Keeping the roof drains depletes debris and it is a vital and regularly disregarded thing for the maintenance. It is maybe a standout amongst the most essential flat roof maintenance things. Since, if ignored, it could prompt a variety of extreme issues that would require repairs. Standing water is greatly tricky as it can saturate flashing creases. At that point it will solidify, in this manner debilitating the creases. 90% of all flat roof leaks happen in the flashings, the repairs to the lap appears in the base flashings regularly should be made.

Why Choose Integrity Roofers for Commercial Flat Roof Repair Options?

Repairing your Commercial Flat Roof can be done at any time of the year. But, in the colder months, an extra care should be taken to make sure that the roof can withstand the test of time. At Integrity Roofers, we go the extra mile end make sure that the roof is strong enough to tolerate the harsh weather. We often tar in the new shingles to water tight the seal. During the entire roof inspection, we also look for maintenance issues that might cause problems with your roof in the future.

You can leave it to our expert professionals in order to secure your home from the harsh Canadian weather. We’re the correct company to tell you whether you need a roof repair or replacement.

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