Protect your roof with Commercial Roofing

Integrity Roofers provides expert Commercial Roofing Services for more than 40 years. We cater both commercial and residential roofing services in the Greater Toronto Area. In fact, we are proud to say that we have served for more than 45,000 roofing installations to our credit. Isn’t that a lot of happy customers?


What are the hallmarks of our Commercial Roofing Services?

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Shingle Repairs for Commercial & Residential – Repairing or replacing shingles is a significant investment. The first step is to choose the right shingles. Also, make sure that the price is reasonable along with warranty and features. The material and quality workmanship affect the performance of your roof. Thus, it is very important to select the reliable Commercial Flat Roof Roofers Toronto.

Emergency Roof Leak Repair – It is very tricky to stop or repair a roof leak. Unseasoned contractors can lead to severe damage to your roof. So, you need to contact a professional emergency service for your roof in Toronto. We make sure that your roof is in the hands of the right roofing contractors. You will get a waterproof seal that will prevent your roof from further leaks. So, we provide reliable and professional Commercial Roofing  Services.

Your roof will be assigned to a group of experts who will study your roof with care and attention. Then they will detect the right source of your roofing problems. Thus, you don’t have to keep calling us back for your roof repairs.

Skylight Installations – Proper skylight installations require a steel curb to mount the skylights on. If we do not install these steel curbs, it leads to unnecessary condensation. In order to prevent this, get in touch with us and install skylights or flat roofs.

So, apart from the usual roofing services, Commercial Roofing also includes flat roof repairs, siding and roof snow removal services. So, contact us and make the most out of our services at reasonable rates.

Why Choose Commercial Flat Roofers Toronto?


We only suggest services that you will only need. So, there is no need to pay for extras. This is the reason that our clients always maintain an amiable relationship with us. Our loyalty defines the integrity of our work.

Our roofers and team is certified enough to provide you the perfect services. You will not have to doubt on our services. That makes us completely reliable. Client satisfaction is our main priority and so we use the best materials for any roofing work. Commercial Flat Roofers Toronto has an unmatched safety program to protect your property.