Copper Works and Roofing – A Work of Art and Beauty

Copper Roofing is a smart choice for a durable and impressive roofing material. Most importantly, unlike other roofing materials, it requires very less maintenance. It has a natural resistance to corrosion and that makes it an excellent roofing material. So, cleaning a copper roof will not be much of a trouble. Another characteristic of copper is that it is malleable and it can be shaped to create complex shapes and detailed accents. We build copper bay windows, eavestroughs, dormers and canopies and many more by installing a copper roof. Customer satisfaction is our primary priority and so we make sure that the copper roofing is customized and designed to meet your design needs.

Copper Roof Costs

As compared to slate and asphalt, copper roofing is highly beneficial when it comes to costs. The life expectancy can exceed over fifty years with regular and proper maintenance and care. Copper is less likely to be affected by elements such as rain, hail and mildew. Being one of the most fireproof materials, copper has a lot of provide to the users in trade of a reasonable amount of money.

As it does not deteriorate quickly due to high thermal resistance, copper requires less maintenance costs. So, it is always beneficial to use copper roofing and not the other roofing materials.

Benefits of Copper Roofing

Builders and homeowners strive to work with energy efficient and eco friendly roofing materials. So, as both the qualities are fulfilled by the copper roof, copper roofing has become widely popular. Moreover, the metal reflects heat instead of absorbing it. So, it plays a profound role in controlling the heating and cooling of the property. The fact that copper can be recycled and used again makes it highly eco friendly and popular among the environmentally conscious homeowners.
Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us
The biggest advantage of the copper roofing is that it is undeniably attractive and elegant. Available in various finishes such as pre painted green, bright milled and period brown, the copper roof can complement any structure or building. It does not matter whether the building is traditional or modern as the copper roof will accentuate it’s elegance to a different level. The appearance gets better with age as the golden shine develops a blue green patina. This property contributes to its great use in industrial and commercial properties. The architectural beauty of the copper roof will increase the resale value of your home and also make it stand out within the close proximity.
It is very easy and quick to transport and install the copper roofing as it is lightweight. The entire weight of a copper roof is half the weight of a lead roof, whereas it is significantly lighter than a tiled roof. This implies that a very little amount of stress is placed on the structure of your building. As it is also flexible, the copper roof can be molded into irregular shapes or uneven roof shapes. So, make the most of this trouble free material to build your roof in no time and with absolute ease.

Cleaning a Copper Roof

Unlike other roofing materials, the copper roof may turn black or dull when dirty. So, you got to clean it daily in order to restore its glossy appearance. You can use natural cleaners or chemical cleaners in order to clean the copper roof.

There are two effective natural cleaning methods for your copper roof. One contains 3 cups pure lemon juice, 1 cup salt and vinegar. Another method includes the replacement of the lemon juice with the all purpose flour. Try to avoid touching the clean roof with bare hands as that might leave a dark patch on it.

In order to maintain the glossy appearance of your copper roof, it is important that you use only the natural ingredients for cleaning a copper roof.

Copper Roofing

Integrity Roofers – An Ace in Copper Roofing

With Integrity Roofers, you can expect not only an outstanding standard of service for installing the copper roof, but also an excellent value for your money. We can provide, install and maintain the roof for domestic or commercial purposes in order to meet your requirements. So, get in touch with us today to see all the different roofing options available in the market.

As a well reputed copper roofing company, Integrity Roofers has a fantastic reputation of being online, 24×7 in order to assist to its clients. So, please call us to let us know your roofing needs.

Our full range of roofing services include repairing copper roof, installing copper shingles and maintain the roof to ensure that it could stand even the harshest of weather. Moreover, the copper roof also contains thermal properties and flexibility, making it a great metal to protect your home with. Our team of competent roofers will help you in choosing the right roofing material.

So, why not choose a copper roof with Integrity Roofers and reduce your chances of getting a roof repair often.


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