Flat Roof Replacement Contractors in Toronto

Does your business or home have a damaged roof that is in need of an urgent repair or replacement? If so, then you’ve certainly made the correct choice by choosing Integrity Roofers to execute the Flat Roof Replacement in Toronto. Our team of competent flat roof replacement contractors will guarantee speedy service with the highest quality standards. There’s no roof that we can’t bring to the perfect shape!

As a flat roof replacement contractor in Toronto with decades of experience, we know that the long term performance of a roof depends on the fact whether every unique needs of the project has been met or not. So, we provide you with excellent customer experience, including initial inspection, analysis and expert consultation.


The Four Most Common Types of Flat Roof Replacement Options include:

EPDM Flat Roof Replacement Systems – EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Membrane. It is a single ply membrane and it is found in various shapes and forms. EPDM is easier to install than the other roofing systems as it is less heavy and costs pretty less.

Built-up Flat Roof Replacement Systems – These are pretty common in Toronto and are referred to as the “Tar & Grave”. It contains many plies of bitumen and felt together. The bitumen used in this kind of roofing systems includes asphalt, cold tar and cold applied adhesive.

Thermoplastic TPO or PVC Flat Roofing Systems – Heat welding with hot air and solvent welding seams the thermoplastic membranes. At the same time, TPO and PVC have their own pros and cons too.

Modified Bitumen Membranes – There are two primary types of Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems. One is the SBS polymer modified bitumen membrane. It is installed by applying asphalt mopping. The other is the APP polymer modified bitumen membrane which is heat welded or torch applied.

What kind of properties do we work on?

  • New construction
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Commercial office builders
  • Healthcare
  • Storage facilities
  • Landmarks and architectural buildings
  • Churches
  • Maintenance companies
  • Commercial warehousing
  • Re-roofing construction

Two ply and modified bitumen are used most commonly in the residential flat applications. For industrial and commercial flat roof applications, Built up tar and gravel systems and modified bitumen systems are the most popularly used water proofing assemblies. EPDM and TPO act as alternative systems for the commercial areas.

Integrity Roofers has the following services to offer to our clients:

  • A dedicated warranty department
  • Earnest and honest evaluation of your roofing portfolio
  • Expert roofing work
  • Tailored solutions to extend the life of your existing roof
  • Knowledgeable and skilled roofers
  • Installation of flat roofing assemblies, thereby maintaining the manufacturing standards.
  • Mitigation services and leak tracking

Integrity Roofers have specialists who are trained to evaluate and offer cost effective solutions for a multiple roofing problem. The solutions could range from a flat roof replacement and maintenance solutions to correcting existing leaks. We intend to extend the life span of your roof by maintaining an optimal flat roof replacement cost.

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