Get the spookiest Halloween Decorations for your House from Integrity Roofers

The holiday of vampires, ghoul and trick – or – treating brings a lot of happiness, fun and memories with it. It is not only the time that kids will get to enjoy, but the adults have fun too! So, Integrity Roofers wishes each and everyone a Very Happy Halloween!

With Halloween comes the task of putting up attractive and magnificent lights at home and on the roof. Being a Roof Repair Company makes us pretty concerned about the safety and lighting ideas for your home.

Happy Halloween from Integrity Roofers


The Different Ways to Decorate Your Roof on 31st October are:

Plan your Project well

If the roof consists of two tiers, it works best for the Halloween decorations. You can use the bottom tier for the spooky decorations. There are usually windows above that level. It is used for easy placement of your scenery. Now, try to stick to the easy and light materials that you can use to decorate your roof. Grab them and start decorating your roof!

Lighting is Very Important

Lights can elaborate your home decor or it can completely ruin it. You can use a flickering light or a spotlight in order to make your entire home attractive for this Halloween. You can dark and purple lights to create effects like that of a shadowy dungeon. But, you must be extremely careful while doing so. Or, you must contact Integrity Roofers to be on the safe side and let us do the work.

Spooky Figures

You can create people like creatures out of old clothes and stuffing them with leaves. Place a witch like figure on the top of your roof to make it look very scary. A vampire will also do. After deciding the creatures and bodies, you can use various masks for the face. Also, try out pumpkin heads or basketballs for this purpose.

So, we wish you good luck for your home decors for Halloween. Integrity Roofers has your back no matter what. So, knock us if you need any help.