Ice Damming Services and an Overview

Ice Dam Prevention and Causes

An ice dam is a buildup of ice, which shapes at the eaves, base or different portions of your rooftop. It is an after effect of the warmth getting away from your inside home into your attic, which at that point warms the rooftop deck. This warmth, alongside the warmth from the sun can melt the snow on your rooftop. The water at that point races to the gutters where it is colder. Therefore, it re-solidifies. This continuous and the risky cycle of solidifying, defrosting and refreezing makes the ice dams. Hence, Ice Dam Prevention is very important and risky as well. Integrity Roofers is here to with a wide range of Ice Damming Services.

Ice Damming Services

What consequences are generated by Ice Dams?

The ice dams represent areas where water builds up. Thus, after melting, it goes into unwanted places such as behind the fascia boards or the shingles causing seep through into the underlayment and a roof deck. This leads to important damage of your attic, ceilings, insulation and even the personal belongings inside your home.

The Ice Damming Solutions

The ice dams represent zones where water builds up. In this way, after melting, it goes into undesirable places, for example, behind the sash sheets or the shingles causing leak through into the underlayment and a rooftop deck.

This prompts essential damage of your attic, roofs, protection and even the individual assets inside your home.

The Ice Dam Prevention Methods

You can dispose of your ice damming issues for good by the Integrity roofers. We adopt a straightforward strategy to your concern and in this manner offer durable ice damming solutions. Ice dams can be caused by:

  • Air spills in the attic
  • Improper ventilation
  • Insufficient protection
  • A blend of each of the three

We evaluate every part of your material system. At that point we make repairs and enhancements to guarantee ice dam counteractive action. By enhancing attic ventilation, improving attic protection and shutting any air releases that might be the reason for air loss, we help shield your home from future ice dams. We have a team who are experts in Prevention of Ice Dams.

Get in touch with us today to clean the Roof Ice Dam with care.