Professional Ice Damming Service

Do your house experience formation of ice dams on rooftops? Does water leaks through your roof and causes damage to interiors?  Do you wish to avoid the risk of personal injury and damage to your roof and building structure?  If yes, then it is advisable to contact a snow removal expert. Integrity Roofers Ltd provides one of the best professional snow removal and ice damming service in Toronto.  Our professionals have helped hundreds of clients like you to safely remove snow from their rooftops.

Ice Damming Service

Who Are We?

Integrity Roofers Ltd is a leading roofing service provider in Toronto. We help our clients with effective solutions to help them repair, replace, and maintain a strong roofing structure.

Ice Dam Prevention Service

  • Attic Ventilation: Faulty roof ventilation can lead to building up of warm air on your attic or roof rafters. We make suitable recommendations to improve ventilation and install new vents if necessary.
  • Attic Insulation: If your attic is not properly insulated your home may lose internal heat through a roof and lead to the formation of ice dams.

We also help our clients to install snow guards and snow rails to minimize liabilities.

Ice Damming Service

Ice Dam Removal Service

Our well-trained staffs use the most modern equipment, and tools to safely remove snow and ice dams from the rooftop. Our staffs have the experience to ensure that unwanted snow is removed without damaging your roof. Ice dams are melted with a controlled steam heating process that is safe for your roof and shingles. Ice dams and build-ups are cleared three feet from the roofline which lets melting snow to drain down the roof while preventing water accumulation.

Why Choose Us

Integrity Roofers Ltd offers manufacturer’s warranty and contractor warranty on the roofing materials used. Our services have an insurance coverage of $2,000,000. With more than 30 years of experience we have the skill sets to get the job done rightly in the first go.