Consequences of Incorrect Roof Flashing

Incorrect Roof flashing if overlooked can lead to a huge problem for homeowners. Therefore, you must be careful while hiring a roofing contractor for your roof flashing. This leak prevention medium tends to be one of the most neglected and most rushed. Therefore, next time you repair your flashing, confirm that it is done properly.

The flashings mainly help to divert water from places where it might collect like the hips and valleys. Depending on the style of your roof, you can have it around the chimneys and pipes. On the other hand, you can also have it around any dormer windows or skylights.

Flashings can be found in many external areas of a house, it is just a material usually aluminum or galvanized steel. Copper, lead coated copper, galvanized alloy are few other materials to choose from. It is used over joints in roof and wall construction to prevent water seeping in.

Problems that arise due to poor flashing

  • Improper Roof Flashing leads to Roof Leaks. Roof penetrations like plumbing vents, chimneys, roof vents, and skylights are the main areas of Roof Leak. Plumbing vents and pop-in-roof vents are also the most common problem creating areas.
  • Even the smallest cracks can soak water in and can cause vast amounts of damage.
  • Incorrect roof flashing can cause water blockage that will lead to a dampening of the walls or rotting of the wood.
  • Lastly, roof leaks are something that needs to be repaired very soon. It will lead to unwanted money expenditure.

The prime purpose of installing flashing in specific areas is to ensure maximum protection against leaks. Therefore, to avoid these problems all you need to do is hire professional roofers to take care of your flashing system.

Why Choose Integrity Roofers for your Roof Flashing?

If you are having problems with your flashing or suspect any problems, roofing experts at Integrity Roofers can perform a thorough inspection of your roof. After the root cause of your problem is identified, ask for a free estimate. We are a family owned and operated by Shay Barat, offering services in replacing, repairing, installing and inspecting roofs for residential and commercial clients. You can contact us for consultation in case you are lying in an ocean of doubts about the following:

  • How to install roof flashing against a wall?
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  • How to install flashing under shingles?
  • More information related to roof flashing techniques
  • Roof Flashing installation process

Our team will surely answer all your queries and will work with you to identify your needs. They will present you with options related to materials according to your requirements and budget. Our first priority is to provide you quality service. Therefore, we do not compromise with our work procedure and timing. Contact us to diagnose your problem and we promise to solve it soon!