Roofing Repair Services in Toronto

Integrity Roofers has been helping to beautify and maintain the roofs of homes and businesses in Toronto with the help of a team of dedicated and professional individuals, for over 15 years. Unparalleled client satisfaction along with a high standard of customer service is the real reason behind our success. We are well equipped to help you out in any case of roof leak repairs in Toronto and surrounding areas.

So, if you’re looking for the most reliable and affordable roofing services, you must know that Integrity Roofers is the one stop solution for your roofing needs. If you feel that any part of your commercial or residential roof is no longer functional or attractive, waste no time to call us or get in touch with us.

Thorough Roof Inspection before Roofing Repair

Many people confuse themselves between roof repair and roof replacement. So, in order to provide you with the best option, our team evaluates your roof with utmost care and attention.

The three factors that we consider while assessing the roof include:

  • Age of the roof
  • Frequency of the previous roof repairs
  • Degree of functionality that the roof offers

The age of the roof is the primary factor that determines whether the roof would need a repair or a replacement. Secondly, roofing repair experts would calculate the number of times that the roof was repaired. Finally, the roofing contractors will inspect about the functionality and the protection provided by the roof.

If the roof is really old, then it has encountered many seasonal changes. That may have worn down the shingles and disrupts the structural integrity of your roof. If the shingles are not in proper shape, then that can lead to moisture built up which in turn also leads to mold growth. That is why, you must contact reputable roofing contractors like Integrity Roofers to get your roof inspected on a daily basis. Less frequent major roof repair lessens the chances of getting the roof completely replaced.


Factors that determine the Roofing Repair Costs

Integrity Roofers hang our reputation on honesty, credibility and the highest levels of craftsmanship. You must always strive to get a high quality roofing product as that determines the life span of your roof. A long lasting investment is a smart investment.

You must pay attention to the following roofing details in order to make a smart investment.

Your roofing contractor must follow the proper protocol in terms of the roof installation. If the building codes and imposed guidelines are not followed, then you must end up encountering serious problems. There is no need to compromise on the protection and functionality of your roof.

Roofing issues like leakages, broken waterproofing, broken shingles or any other kind of structural damage can get worse if it goes unchecked. So, it is always recommended to not wait for a sunny day in order to consult a roofing contractor. Just get in touch with us whenever you find a roofing issue at any point of time.

This is a very crucial factor when it comes to roofing repair. Choose the highest quality roofing materials that will not dig deep holes in your pocket. At the same time, you must remember that good quality roofing materials and services imply that you would need less repair jobs in the future.

At Integrity Roofers, we also provide emergency roof repairs like ice and snow removal, thermal insulation and others. Give us a call at to let us address your roofing problems immediately.

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

Experienced – Our team specializes in roof repairs and roof replacement and is well equipped with skills and knowledge to work on commercial, residential and industrial buildings. We are capable of handling projects of variable sizes with extreme care and talent.

We hire the Best People – Apart from skill and knowledge, we have a passion for satisfying customers. Thus, we make sure that it is only the best people that we hire for the deserving designation. The hardworking individuals exhibit professionalism in their work while maintaining a courteous and amiable relationship with our clients.

Finest materials – Being in this industry for a really long time has made us aware that using second class materials for your roof can only lead to dire consequences. So, we only use the highest quality equipment and resources possible. We will always consult with you about the materials we use.

Affordable Budget – We develop a timeline for each project and consider a reasonable budget for you right in the beginning. So, unlike other roofing repair companies, we give you the best value for your money.


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