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The roof is an integral part of a home. In fact, it is the protector of your home and everything that lives under it. So, as the saying goes, what protects us needs to be protected as well. Integrity Roofers supplies and installs three tab shingles and architectural fiberglass shingles. Nothing can beat us when it comes to quality selections and workmanship. With Integrity Roofers, a Flat Roof Replacement is within economical capabilities. Our Roofing Contractors will plan and execute financially optimized roofing solutions.

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Any contractor can seal a Flat Roof. But, is that enough? The problem may have not healed at all. So, Integrity Roofers provide a 24 hour service team, who will intend towards exceeding your expectations. We are well known for a prompt response time, especially in emergencies. Hence, let us minimize your worries in exchange for an economically optimized deal.


Enjoy the holiday season without any worries and full of happiness. Toronto is especially beautiful at this time of the year. Hanging outdoor Christmas lights on your home of the building is perhaps the most dreaded aspect of the holiday season. Now that the leaves have begun to fall from their branches, the time has come to start thinking about Christmas and all the safety measures with it.

Roof Replacement

Are there problems with your roof? If you notice curling, compromised or loose shingles, it calls for a roof replacement. Moreover, in addition to shingle wear and tear, a roof with rotting fascia or damaged parts is also in serious trouble. Integrity roofers provide comprehensive roof repair services and replacement services in Toronto and Greater Toronto area.

Soffit Fascia Eavestroughs

The fascia is a 1×6 wooden band, situated vertically behind the eavestrough and running horizontally under the edge of your roof. Usually it is clad with aluminum (also called fascia aluminum). The soffit is the other name given to the underside of your eaves. The eavestroughs, are located at the base of your roof. These collect water and drain it away from your home.

Attic Air Sealing/Weatherizing

Weatherizing your home can save you large amounts of money because more than half of the heat is lost from your home via the roof due to the climate of Toronto. Moreover, it also prevents future damage occurring to your roof. Few know its impact on your home.

Attic Insulation

What makes Attic Insulation important? Proper attic insulation can prevent mold and ice dam formation, minimize the loss of cold and hot air through your roof, lower your energy bills, expand the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning systems.

Attic Ventilation

Benefits of Attic Ventilation: A well ventilated attic stops water from seeping under the shingles, damaging the insulation and rotting the roof structure. It keeps the attic cool in summer and dry in the winter. A well ventilated attic extends your roof’s life.

Gutter Filter

Gutters are known as the eavestroughs. These tend to take place where many roofing problems begin.  Although they play a significant role in draining the water that lands on your roof, your eavestroughs can be easily clogged with leaves and other debris.Thus, it is important that you clear out your eavestroughs on a regular basis. It prevents water buildup, which, if left unattended to, can drain into your home causing serious damage.

Ice Damming Services

An ice dam is a buildup of ice which forms at the eaves, base or other areas of your roof.  It is a result of the heat escaping from your interior home into your attic, which then warms the roof deck.  This heat, along with the heat from the sun can cause the snow on your roof to melt.  The water then runs down to the gutters where it is colder. Thus, it re-freezes.  This ongoing and problematic cycle of freezing, thawing and refreezing creates the ice dams.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a diagnostic technology that detects the roof problems that are in the need for the extensive fixes and repairs. It inspects, scans and evaluates your roofing system for excess water, cold and hot air loss, leaks and moisture build-up. Most importantly, this technology detects even the smallest issues which can turn into big problems. Thus, it enables you to eliminate the concern at the source.

Roof Consulting

The contractor must have the ability to analyze, dissect and realize your roofing system. It is the most important part of roofing. So, if you are facing an ongoing or recurring problem, talk to your contractor and resolve the issue right at the source. This is where Integrity Roofer’s consulting services come into play quickly and efficiently.

Roof Repair Services

Integrity Roofers offer both emergency and non-emergency home roofing repair services to property owners in Toronto and the GTA. We take before and after photos of your roof for each roof repair. This will make you aware about the exact problem. This proves our work. It also educates you on the various parts of your roofing system.

Roof Snow Removal

As a homeowner in Toronto or the GTA, you are obviously prone to snow buildup on your roof. After a heavy snowfall, the excessive buildup of snow can cause your roof to collapse. The most common form of damage occurs when the snow melts and refreezes at the base of your roof where the eaves are present.


Your home is not just a place of shelter. It is a reflection on you and your family’s individual styles and personal tastes. Enhancing its curb appeal is an exciting process. Consider the addition of siding to your home for an updated and refreshed appearance. You can rely on our premium quality service.


Roof skylights are a smart and beautiful addition to any commercial, residential or industrial property.  Available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, you can choose the skylights that will suit your property in the best manner or even have them custom made to fit the configuration.

Slate Roofs        

Slate is known to be the most durable and beautiful roofing materials. Historically, some of the world’s greatest buildings have used slate roofing. Some examples are at Oxford University and Cambridge University in England as well as on the Legislative Building in Toronto, Canada.

Roof Maintenance

A roof is also like any other valuable asset in life that requires a certain maintenance and updates. So, you need to take care of your roof to expand the longevity of your roof and provide it with topmost maintenance. The role of your roof is to protect your home and your loved ones. The fact is, what protects you, deserves the same.

Commercial Flat Roof Pair

Earlier, flat roofs were used mostly in arid climates. But, in middle-eastern styles of architecture, they let the roof to be used as an added storage area. Today, the flat roofing systems are found almost in every corner of the world in many residential and commercial buildings including hospitals, schools and many more.

Copper Work and Roofing

Did you notice the uniquely colored green roofs on our Capital’s Historic Parliament Buildings if you have visited Ottawa? Now, that’s an example of copper roofing at its finest. This method was reserved for public institutions. The use of copper is mainly due to its durability and its prestigious appearance.