Stand out in the crowd with Slate Roofs

Slate is known to be the most durable and lovely roofing materials. Historically, a portion of the world’s most noteworthy structures has utilised slate roofing. A few cases are at Oxford College and Cambridge College in England and also on the Legislative Building in Toronto, Canada.

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What makes slate critical as a roofing material? How about taking a look?

Quality and Strength

Slate roofs are greatly durable and strong. The common slate has numerous alluring qualities from the point of view of the roof: it is heat proof, waterproof, a general solid material and a decent electrical insulator. The slate conveys a durable roof with a life expectancy of 80-100 years or more. In fact, some slate roofs have persevered through the assaults of the compelling force of nature for quite a while. Other roofing materials would have to be re-roofed three or four times in a similar period.

Water Resistance

Slate has a low water retention index (under 0.4%). Subsequently, it is a waterproof material and extremely appropriate for use in roofing. Because of its low water retention, slate is impervious to ice damage and breakage because of solidifying.

Least Maintenance Required

Since slate is such a solid and rough material, it is extremely impervious to mildew and mold. This, combined with the slate’s other useful properties, for example, water and fireproof, implies that slate roofs require next to no support after some time. Henceforth, it is really expensive and productive.

One of a kind Appearance

Slate is well known for its common and delightful stone look. The most novel element of stone is that no two bits of stone are indistinguishable in appearance – notwithstanding when they are sourced from a similar quarry. Unpretentious contrasts exist in the thickness, shading (no colors are utilised and shades are not controlled) and surface of the stone. In that capacity, slate can be altered to supplement numerous engineering styles for various roofing ventures. A 100% common item, slate is respected and adored for its normal magnificence.


In the roofing scene, slate roofs are a “unique” speculation. This reality, combined with a slate roofs’ stylish interest, hugely affects building valuation. A slate roof by and large raises the estimation of a house by roughly a fourth of a million dollars.

The establishment of a slate roof is a specific ability that needs an expert with solid involvement in the field of slate roofing. Slate roof establishment requires a mechanical learning alongside a tasteful touch. This guarantees a special and lovely outcome.

Integrity Roofers’ slate authorities are gifted in the specialty of slate roof establishment and we have been making dazzling slate roofs for over 30 years. Our group would be upbeat to work with you to make your roofing vision a reality.

Are you searching for a more perpetual answer for your roof, that oozes a demeanor of convention and quality? A slate roof may be exactly what you’re searching for. Connect with us today to talk about the conceivable outcomes of utilizing slate in your roofing venture.