Integrity Roofers offers their customers three different types of warranties. They are:

  • Contractor’s Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s prorated Warranty
  • Manufacturer’s non-prorated warranty

What is the Contractor’s Warranty

Our Contractor’s Warranty is offered specifically by Integrity Roofers Ltd. This guarantee covers our workmanship for a time of up to 10 years. Workmanship alludes to all parts of the establishment procedure. We remain with our work and the group that performs it, so that on the impossible occasion that any piece of your roofing framework is introduced erroneously, we repair or supplant as required – no inquiries solicited, free of charge.


Manufacturer’s Warranty

All in all, the producers offer two sorts of warranties: prorated and non-prorated.

Non-Prorated Warranty

A Non-Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty gives full scope of all materials, work, detach and transfer for a predefined timeframe. At CertainTeed, it is called SureStart Plus. With a specific end goal to get this guarantee, a contractor who is certified by the manufacturer must play out the establishment, following every single rule and detail illustrated by the producer. No corners can be cut and no wrong materials utilized. In the event that all is done accurately, as a house holder you advantage from full scope paying little heed to whether you require a little repair or a total substitution. Upon establishment, the contractor enrolls your warranty with the producer to guarantee your scope for the full span.

Prorated Warranty

A Prorated Manufacturer’s Warranty, for example, CertainTeed’s SureStart, is restricted and may just cover certain parts of your roof substitution or repair. A Prorated Warranty is given on roofing frameworks whose establishment did not take after the full extent of the producer’s rules and details.

Customized Warranties will shift as indicated by the item and producer you pick. For instance, CertainTeed’s SureStart Warranty, inside 10 years of establishment, covers materials and work however not transfer or remove. Other Prorated Warranties devalue after some time, offering substitution materials or what might as well be called what the substitution materials are worth at the time they come up short.

To discover more about our Contractor and Manufacturer Warranties at Integrity Roofers, get in touch with us today.